My Bakings

My Bakings

Friday, August 17, 2012


Keisia and me practise making our buns after the class. We made sausage buns, ham and cheese, cranberry and cheese, nutella, and pizza !! The pizza is the best !! Loots of  toppings !!! Its so fun making bread together !! 

Bread Class

Keisia and me went to learn bread making class fm Chef Molly. Its organised by Munch Ministry. At the class we made new friends, they are Lai Mui and Nellis. 4 of us share the same row of working tables. We all had fun making the buns !! 

Lai Mui, Nellis, Chef Molly, Keisia, Elizabeth 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tulips Sushi

I decided to practise my tulip sushi after learning. So yesterday, i made 3 rolls of tulip sushi to bring to church. Its turn out ok, but i think i can do better the next round. All my friends love it, I am so happy !! 

Hana Zuzhi !

Me, Belina and Nellis learned Hana Zuzhi (flower sushi) form Chef Aki. According to Chef Aki, it is a speciality of Chiba perfecture where she came from. Its is usually made during ceremonial occasions. We decided to learn this cos it is so pretty !!! We gals love pretty stuff !! We made rose and tulip sushi. For lunch, we had handrolls and for dessert, Aki served us tomato cheese cake. Its very nice !!!