My Bakings

My Bakings

Thursday, February 14, 2013

CNY Dinner !!

We invited our friends Alan, Grace, Francine, Tim, Melissa and Mag over for dinner. Its also Grace daughter's Francine birthday and its Valentine's day too !!  These are the dishes that i cooked. My friends took the photos for me. I am glad that everyone enjoyed the dinner and fellowship !! 
Old cucumber soup

Yakitori and chinese spinach with braised mushroom

Steam fish with dou su

My Melody cake for the birthday girl !! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CNY Cookies

Here are my cookies that i made this year. Clockwise from top left: pineapple tarts, corn flakes cookies, pineapple tarts, tom yum cookies, nasi lemak cookies, caramel alomnds (centre).

CNY 2013 !!

Happy Chinese New Year to all !! These are some of the dishes that i cooked. I didnt have time to take every dish.

Crispy roast pork


Chinese spinach with abalone and braised mushroom

Mermaid fish with eggplant

Brocoli with carrot

Caramel Nuts Roll And Warabi Mochi

Belina and me went to learn how to make caramel nuts roll cake and warabi mochi. Its really very nice. We got to make caramel almonds, then when its cooled, we chopped it up. Before putting the chopped caramel nuts into the cake, we kept eating it !! So addictive.... 
Caramel nuts roll

Caramel nuts slice

Warabi mochi